Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tissue study: whole and cut muscle, circulatory structures

I'm gradually getting these done. Some of them are drawn from illustrated material so I can't take much credit. The point of the exercise is to become adept at drawing tissues in a recognizable way and studying how other illustrators handle this is a good exercise. I've used a few references that Paul and Joyce had compiled so thanks guys! Most of them I found perusing the surgical texts in the BMC library. I'm pretty sure I want to depict ileo-anal anstomosis with loop ileostomy for my final surgical pieces. We'll see how it goes... I still have to write the summary of the procedure and do a bit of research on it.

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Joyce said...

Keep at it!!! I know it's a lot of drawings to do. These look awesome!

Glad our refs were useful to you. I recognize some of them! :)

Argh! I am so behind with blogging, will have to go back and comment on your work! And also get back on track with my blog lol D:.